For more than 40 years, Washington Service Bureau has been meeting the complex, time-sensitive SEC research needs of legal and business professionals. Whether your Securities & Exchange Commission research requirement is complex, simple, urgent, or somewhere in-between, contact our experienced team and get a free consultation. We can deliver highly cost-effective information suitable for your particular needs.

Whether you need examples of precedent language or detailed intelligence on a specific firm or industry, SEC Research Specialists will obtain the information you need quickly and efficiently. With an average of 13 years of industry experience, each Researcher is familiar with the disclosure requirements of registered companies as well as the regulatory processes of the SEC.

Customized, On-Demand Research

SEC Research Specialists use proprietary databases and search tools to pinpoint corporate and transactional information quickly and accurately. Recent research samples include:

Non-EDGAR and Pre-EDGAR Archive

Our Researchers can quickly retrieve a wide range of non-EDGAR and pre-EDGAR archival filings at competitive prices. Our resources include:
  • In-house microfiche library of over 4 million SEC filings on paper since 1979
  • Immediate access to documents at the SEC's Public Reference Room
  • Ability to quickly prepare PDFs from paper filings and send via e-mail

To contact a SEC Research Specialist call 800-289-1057
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